Trading Tools

Holders of a live Gulf FX account fully access World class forex trading instruments. We provide a professional package on forex charting that gives new ideas and builds your trading ability. Forex traders looking for new ideas and concepts have always accessed an automated system of trading signals. We cater for new traders too since some of our instructors are available for guiding them through introduction and advanced trading.

We have offered our dealers flexibility in creating and managing of positions from their charts directly. The package comes with some data, advanced tools for charting like Gann Fanns and Fibonacci lines, and a good number of pre-loaded indicators. Besides, daily signals for trading are freely provided to our live account holders. These signals include; limits, stops, and clear descriptions. The FX team responsible for daily trades provides market commentary expertise to help complementing automated trades thus full of ideas and analysis.

Gulf FX Smart Trader Tools: Desktop Trader Trading Package

Gulf FX’s SmarterTrader Tools is a recently designed package that facilitates one’s trading and helps a trader to achieve set objectives. The tools also help to realize new trading chances and capitalize on returns.

Composition of SmartTrader package tools

The SmartTrader Tools Package consists of nine innovativetrading tools that are fully designed for Desktop Trader, simple to use and easy- to- install. They include:

  • Sentiment Trader
  • Connect Panel
  • Correlation Matrix
  • Correlation Trader
  • Session Map
  • Market Manager
  • Trade Terminal
  • Alarm manager
  • Excel RTD Link

Functions of each SmartTrader tool

Sentiment Trader:

  • Provides an overall trading instructions and sentiment moods of all signs very fast direct on Gulf FX Platform.
  • Shows important historic sentiment and configurable outlook of the market, both open and close orders.
  • Locate S/L and T/P in both hedging and non-hedging mode straight within the tool and illustrates historicsentiment that are plotted againstthe cost.
  • Shows current sentiment and positions that are open in any selected symbol.

Connect Panel

Easy to access information in one’s individualized information center and financial calendar that has the ability to include alerts and RSS, and set filters. Binary Options is traded from within the Gulf FX Platform through the connect panel directly.

Correlation Matrix

This is a simple matrix to use and does not require other spread sheet tools. Correlation matrix is applied as follows;

First you select a time range of correlation from one hour to one week; secondly, choose various displays, size and range of correlation and then, lastly select your products and symbols from commodities, indices and forex market.

Correlation Trader

The correlation trader helps traders to easily make market comparisons using charts thereby trading directly from the tool.This is done by selecting the best markets and timelines to make comparisons using primary figures like profits for every symbol. The process is followed by opening and closing orders, placing S/L and T/P in direct hedging and non-hedging modes from the charts.

Session Map

The session map will provide you with an overview of visual market via the key time-zones and market of the world.

Features of a Session Map

  • Global primary market displays showing the trader’s local time lines
  • Markers for calendar events expected to occur in future
  • Information on price movements for every market session completed.
  • Account information; for example, margin usage and floating P/L.

Market Manager

You may require customizing your Gulf FX Platform by editing the market watch panel. In such a manner, you will fully control your symbol order activity and watch lists coming from one convenient window.

  • Naming and saving preferable symbols in convenient groups
  • Viewing overviews ongraphic market for every symbol that covers the last five days, twenty four hours and sixty minutes.
  • Directly trade from the marketmanager

Trade Terminal

This is an advanced execution of trade and analysis tool allowing for quick and precise trading. You need to trade professionally and in a quick move/click to avoid missing out the opportunity.

  • Open the market, pending orders and OCOs quickly
  • Close individual trades, selected or all trade
  • Template creation for complex or frequently used order preferences
  • Modification of T/P, S/L and trailing stops quickly
  • Trade and risk analysis functions and calculators
  • Alarms with actions triggered

Alarm Manager

You cannot go without any notification concerning trade. The alarm manager is a tool responsible for alerting you on various activities and also trade for you automatically.

The tool requires you to simply set up the alarms apply your rules and also triggers, and then the alarm manager performs the rest of the steps;

  • Six alarm types
  • Trigger market orders or pending orders automatically closing some or all trades
  • Send alerts through email, sms, pop-up sound, or even twitter broadcast.

Excel RTD Link

You can now use MS Excel to make comparisons, analysis and create real-time rules across several accounts by using your favorite spreadsheets. This process is done as follows;

  • Put the real time ticket, price data and account into Excel by using RTD function for Excel.
  • There is no macros, programming and add-in XLL
  • Send commands on trading from Excel VBA code or from any language supported by COM

Accessing Gulf FX Trading Tools

Once you open an Gulf FX Platform trading account with Gulf FX you are entitle to receive a free full package of SmartTrader tools and then deposit a $1,000 minimum. Registered clients with all the requirements are also liable to obtain the package freely.

Step 1: Creating your own Gulf FX Live Trading account (Existing clients to skip the step)

Step 2: Making a deposit for funding your account (no minimum set; use Gulf FX flexible methods for deposit)

Step 3: We will then send you an email containing a full package within 24 hours upon depositing your money.

For an existing and qualified client, we will automatically send you the full package of SmartTrader tools.

FX Virtual Private Server (VPS) Solution

Discover the usefulness of a VPS in running your forex trade, Desktop Trader for 24 hours per day. VPS uses external server in managing your connectivity in trade thereby ensuring a 24-hour trading system per day and is not subjected to the downtime resulting from computer or electrical problems. A number of traders employ the use of VPS technology, ensuring that their forex robots (Expert Advisors) or FX Copy is running non-stop.

VPS consists of a number of interconnected computers running a server. The user uses a mobile or stable device by logging in and ensures that it is running.You do no need to keep your computer on for all time at home or even depend on your power or internet connection for the VPS to remain running throughout. This can be done by your host. The process of registration is simple in creating your own account, logging in and set up your own expert advisor similar to the way you would do it at your home computer. Using your created VPS, you can also another platform for online trading. Once everything is set, you need to disconnect and do your own duties of the day till you feel that you need to trade!

24-hour working Trading System


  • Select your provider preferred from the list provided
  • Activate your own VOPS account with your provider that you select
  • Trade at least 10 standard FX lots round turn each month to receive a free service

If you meet the above requirements we are ready to refund VPS service cost to your live trading account.

Automated Expert Advisors

Meaning of ‘Automated Trading’

It is also called Algorithmic Trading. Automated trading involves managing trading electronically. Set algorithmic parameters including pricing, timing, and order quantity triggers Algorithmic trading.

Meaning of ‘Expert Advisor’

It is an automated trading solution that is flexible and can be included in a user-friendly popular Gulf FX Platform. The software, Expert Advisor c is able to completely automate strategies of trading on your behalf or even send you alerts notifying you to take actions on a trade once particular market conditions are met.

A special programming language is used to write the Expert Advisor. Special programs such as Editor, already pre-loaded onto Trading Platform thus helping traders build their Expert Advisors.

Creating Expert Advisor (EA)

Easy to use interface for Gulf FX Trader that is combined with Editor which is already pre-loaded will enable you create an Expert Advisor at an experienced level of trading.

Gulf FX Trader contains several trading Gulf FX Platform platforms and Expert Trading popularly included in the platform.

FX Strategy Builder

The platform enhances creation, testing and analysis of forex trading real life strategies. FX Builder helps you in testing the profitability of all strategies responsible for booking or analyzing trading patterns.

Building and Testing of Strategies

In building forex strategies FX Strategy Builder employs a combination of different technical indicators. You only need to select all parameters and logic rules from the menu bars without necessarily writing formulas and program codes.

You will use real FX data in performing back tests for different Forex pairs or given time periods and then compute the results of the strategy’s real life with supplied chart and statistic details.Automatic journals available shows you all positions and transactions including the changes to your virtual bank accounts just like you were trading in the period selected. If your virtual account balance falls it strongly indicates that the strategy will lose money in the real trade while a rise in trade balance means that the strategy may be a profitable one.

Click of a button strategy

FX Strategy Builder offers a strategy generator allowing even a forex newbie to be creating a strategy easily using just a click of a button. Upon creating the strategy, you can read the overview provided as detailed explanation.Traders with experience in strategy generation put additional indicators to their already existing strategies thereby improving their trade.

Real data mimicking Real life: Features

Intrabar scanner: The scanner is a unique feature ensuring that back test resembles real price movement closely by loading all time frame data available.

Intranet Explorer: Allows you to keep checking movements of price in every bar thereby seeing the exact trade orders during that particular period of time.

The Optimizer: Used in adjusting the parameters of indicators in order to maximize profits. Real trading purposes are not recommended to use the optimizer as it always leads to over-optimization.

Softpedia Labs: It is 100% clean of malware, spyware, adware and viruses and guarantees the FX Strategy Builder

FX Strategy Trader

Automatic Execution on your Strategy

FX Strategy Trader use automated functions that are important and has free trading platform determined by predefined user‘s strategy in executing and sending trade orders. FX Strategy Trader isfriendly to the users hence decreasing the menus making it simple to access indicators and instructions that are technical giving you a chance to tailor-make individual strategies for trade fast and easy. Traders are able to develop individual strategies for trade and transport them from ourForex Strategy Builder and back teste by r either novice or advanced. Individual strategies can also be downloaded from our website or forum.

Strategy execution with one click

When the FX strategy trader has been connected to the Gulf FX Platform terminal, is set and click the Start Execution, automatic trade will follow on the preset strategy while you are online

Ways of refining your strategy endlessly

Traders have endless opportunities in which each has more than 100 indicators and loads of logical choices. New indicators are computed throughout the world by advanced traders before they are uploaded in the forum or in our website. Some of the applied advanced tweaks include the following:

  • Minimizing losses and maximizing on profits.
  • Set the most appropriate time for making deals.
  • Set the amount you want to trade with as a percent or lot size of your total account.
  • Making reverse, removing or add to from a given position.

Demo strategies help you learn

Demo strategies has best explanation that aims in providing basic knowledge hence helping users to get the best out of the software which also provide users with suitable examples of experiments before they begin their own systems.

By opening a Gulf FX Live Account, it is easy to get free access for your Free Strategy Trader Trading Console.

Market wrap

The interest rate in the Forex Market is expected to increase in the year 2015 after the FOMC confirmation statement. Those that remained weak are the Euro and Yen while the Sterling and commodity currencies matched against the dollar. The interest rate of Swiss Central Bank was cut to -0.25% in order to make Swiss Franc less marketable. This showed that the Central Bank is determined to hold a level of 1.20 EUR/CHF that is being proved as investors went to Franc to safe-haven the requirements.

Sterling is the leading currency for a period of two months in a row since November retail sales was at a higher level than it was expected and this growth spurt was due to the Black Friday promotion. 6.4 % was the yearly growth rate showing the highest rate in the past 10 yearswhereby the growth rate from the bank of England increased too though the average price decreased to 2% due to disinflation in the UK.

The Shanghai Composite ended up with 0.11% lower to 3057 and ASX 200 bounced 0.95% to 5210 in the stock market. The Nikkei got 2.32% which was motivated by the decrease of the yen. When the statement of Yellen was passed and Fed was not willing to increase the rate early, the Western Stock Markets were in a green sea. The German DAX HAD 2.79% and French CAC index speeded up to 3.35% and the UK FTSE bounded 2%. Majority of the US market gathered more than 2%. The S&P closed 2.4% more to 2961. The Nasdaq Composite Index increased from 2.24% to 4748 while the Dow moved from 2.43% to 4748.

The 2014 market wrap report will resume in the beginning of 2015. The US Dollar will remain the main currency trend in the year 2015 while the Yen and the Euro are expected to be among the weak parties in the majors. Most of the goods and their currencies will be under pressure. The cost of oil will be low leading to instability of the up-coming nations including Venezuela and Russia but the result will emerge globally.

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