Pairs Fundamental Analysis






William Dudley made head of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York statements mission last Friday in the center of talking about the future of the US economy and monetary policy at the Economic Club of America Minnesota. During this call Dudley Ali stressed that the prospects for the US Federal Reserve to raise interest rates remain strong this year as long as the labor market improves surrounding it that some doubts and uncertainty about the near future. US Dollar Index in the evening on Friday rose against a basket of major currencies, led by the euro to hit 96.36. In another important economic release from the US economy on Friday morning it came to read the unemployment rate for the month of May registered 5.5% compared to 5.4% registered in April.






The pound sterling fell against the US dollar during the last meeting last week after the release of negative economic data on the British economy was most recently the report of the British consumer expectations during the month of May , which was read higher than expected . In contrast, the unemployment rate rose in the United States during the month of May and coincided with William Dudley Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York 's statements where the Bank to raise interest rates during the year provided that the labor market is likely to improve .



In the early hours of this day, it became clear that the Japanese yen is trying to climb against the US dollar after the Japanese currency fell to its lowest level since twelve years against the US dollar over the past week. According to this improvement in the Japanese yen on the price impact of the GDP data in Japan improved during the first quarter of this year. US Dollar pair has recorded against the Japanese yen this morning 125.40 level has improved since the evening began last Friday when he scored 125.84. The GDP index showed an increase of 1% during the first three months of this year, Japan, contrary to expectations that were recorded a rise by only 0.7%.




A new report from the US economy , a jobs report during the month of May and the results were positive and better than expected significantly , testifying to the improvement of the United States of America, the labor market , which supports the prospects for Fed officials to raise interest rates this year. US Department of Labor has issued a report on Friday stating that non-farm jobs recorded 280 thousand jobs in the month of May , but the unemployment rate rose in the same month to record 5.5 % . This has led to the high price of the US dollar against the Swiss franc in the last US session last week .






A new economic positive statement about Japan 's gross domestic product during the first three months of this year was a positive impact on the goods the case of the Japanese yen against the pound , which adversely affected economic data in the United Kingdom . In spite of the decline it suffered the Japanese yen over the past week , but the early hours of this morning experiencing positive trading enhances the chances of his rise against the pound and other currencies .

Fundamental Commodities Analysis


Silver prices posted a slight rise this morning to offset somewhat the decline witnessed during the past week , which recorded the silver lowest level in five weeks . This comes at a time when the US dollar is increasing in strength and decline to pay investors their savings in safe havens . At the dawn of today's silver prices rose by 0.59% to a record level of US $ 16.08 an ounce . Silver has been recorded on the evening of Friday, the level of $ 15.93 an ounce .




Gold prices are rising significantly in the early hours of the morning with a preliminary sessions this week after prices deteriorated to record its lowest level for three months last Friday. In contrast, the US dollar rose after a number of positive economic data that supported the position of the US economy . In the third hour and a half this morning GMT, gold US $ 1173.00 an ounce to check the prices recorded an increase of 0.42% , while recorded in the last Friday of US $ 1162.10 per ounce .



Crude Oil

Crude oil prices fell in the early hours of the morning in a preliminary sessions this week after high expectations to increase the supply of crude oil after the OPEC decision , adopted to maintain the same production levels, the highest level of 30 million barrels per day . Crude oil prices have been recorded US $ 58.56 a barrel at 4:00 am GMT, down by 0.96 % .







A state of positive stability witnessed trades natural gas in the last sessions last week , where natural gas was trading around the level of US $ 2.78 per cubic meter . With the positive data from the US economy temporary decline in natural gas prices enhanced opportunities during this week .


American Stock Exchange



The performance of Wall Street in New York less than expected in the last session , but it is a positive overall, but was not affected by the expected force of the results of some positive economic reports from the US economy such as jobs data and unemployment rates during the month of May. Experts are expected to have a negative effect and clear the beginning of this week, especially after the Bank of New York Chairman 's remarks and his emphasis on the possibility of raising interest rates during the year by the US Federal Reserve .





The Nasdaq closed private technology companies traded during the week , down by 0.05% and happened mostly due to the performance of some of the big technology companies located retreat in Silicon Valley in the United States . Some of these companies have released the results of its work for the past period and some of them came with negative results .



dow jones



Concluded Dow Jones Composite Index of industrial companies with large trading on Friday , down by 0.11% and the equivalent of 20.32 points, its level 18.272.56 . This positive performance coincided with the positive economic data out of the US Labor Department on Friday morning is a non -farm payrolls data and the unemployment rate during the month of May.

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