Trading currency pair USD / JPY



This index is the second most heavily traded indicators in the world which is an acronym for trading the US dollar against the Japanese Yen USD JPY. The value of this indicator is the yield of Japanese Yen (currency valuation) that we need to buy US dollars and one (base currency) For example, if the index was 100.00 price we need to 100 yen to be able to buy US $ 1. Nicknamed speculation on the Japanese Yen trade Gophers gopher.


The price of the USD / JPY is influenced by several factors, including differences between interest rates in the two countries and declared by the "Bank of Japan BOJ" US Fed FED wa For example, when the Fed intervenes in the open market to support the US dollar, down USD / JPY index due to higher US dollar against Japanese Yen.


In many cases, USD / JPY is characterized by a positive relationship with the pair USD / CHF (US dollar / Swiss franc) and with a pair USD / CAD (US Dollar / Canadian Dollar) because all these couples use the US dollar as a currency basis. In case of a falling dollar value American landing the value of these three couples.


Japanese Yen user significantly as a cash reserve in a lot of countries in the world after the US dollar, the euro, and the pound sterling as the Zimbabwe African state linking its currency at a fixed exchange rate against the yen.


Staging the currency symbol global daily turnover ratio

1 US dollar USD ($) 43.5%

2 Japanese Yen JPY (¥) 13.3%

Japanese Yen, the "Something Turned":


Silver Dollar Spanish is the most common in Japan and East Asia since the sixteenth century to the nineteenth century and the currency through the Spanish colonies on both the eastern and western shores of the Pacific Ocean. Meiji government decided in Japan in 1871 by issuing a series of silver coins called the yen, which means "the circular thing," which was tied to the dollar silver Mexican (Spanish colony at the time) until 1873 and so has been the currency of Japan's ancient designating Tokugawa replacement fully. After de-pegging the Mexican dollar advised European countries at a meeting in Paris in 1878 European Congress of Economists in Paris that Japan is install the Japanese yen to 1.5 grams of gold, or 24.26 grams of silver has been done. Japan fact peg silver in 1897 after the US government took the decision to link the US dollar gold "gold standard" has been the Japanese yen in the evaluation of this date half of US $. After that the yen fell to $ 0.30 in 1931, and then to the price of $ 0.20 in 1933.


Japanese yen during and after World War II:


There was no clear exchange rate of the yen during World War II, but after the war decreased value of the yen to the simple parts of its value before the war as a result of the high cost of extreme prices, which hit Japan after the war. In 1949 the US government decided to determine the Japanese yen at a fixed exchange rate against the US dollar, 360 yen per US dollar in order to prevent the collapse of the Japanese economy in full. Been continuing with this link until 1971, where the United States abandoned the gold link the US dollar system, which allowed the free move of currencies against the US dollar.



Japanese government intervention price of the yen in 1971:


Due to the price of low-yen, Japan has gained very little of its exports to the world while I paid a lot compared to imports and the Japanese government has decided to edit the Japanese yen of any links or restrictions and allow him to move according to demand and supply, while the huge operations to increase the provision of Japan's foreign currency (especially the dollar American). The reason for this intervention a strong rise in the value of the yen, sparking investor fears of damage in Japanese exports (because it has become more expensive than it was). Alaabat arrived yen to 271 yen per dollar in 1973 and to 221 in 1978.


The Japanese yen and the Plaza Agreement:


Got a radical change in the world economy in 1985 has dozens of financial specialists from several countries signed a document known by agreement Plaza Plaza Accord states that the US dollar is much more expensive than it should be, which means that the price of the Japanese yen should be higher. In just three years, the Japanese yen rose to 128 yen, only the US dollar. In 1995, the Japanese yen reached its highest price history saluting spent 80 Japanese yen and one US dollar.



Japanese real estate and stock crisis:


Japanese real estate and stock prices rose sharply escalated between 1986 and 1991, including known as the "major Japanese bubble." After the explosion of the bubble continued to Japanese stocks and real estate to decline for ten years, continuing what is known as "the lost Japanese decade," until I got to the bottom prices in 2003 and landed without it during the years of World financial crisis that began in 2008. The crisis reached its peak in the history of December 29 first in 1986 with the Tokyo Stock Exchange was closed on the index 38,915.87 points, and the price per square meter in Jinzhou Street in Tokyo to 215 000 US dollars.


Who is the Japanese yen?

The official name (circular) 圓 thing

ISO 4217 code JPY

States that the Japanese yen and Japan Zimbabwe depends

Detachments O. 1% of the yen which Rennes 1% of the Seine

Mail icon ¥

Coins ¥ 1, ¥ 5, ¥ 10, ¥ 50, ¥ 100, ¥ 500

Currency banknotes ¥ 1000, ¥ 2000, ¥ 5000, ¥ 10,000

Central Bank Bank of Japan BOJ

0.1% inflation rate December 2014

Title cheap

The second title Gopher

Print banknotes National Printing Bureau

Casting coins Japan Mint

Factors affecting the Japanese yen:


Data and comments from the Bank of Japan in Tokyo BOJ

Founder, meeting Japanese fiscal policy

Unemployment rate

Interest rate

Inflation rate

Economic data from the non-agricultural sector

Letters of Heads of State and key Japanese figures

Changes in Japan, especially in big cities like Tokyo and Kyoto price of the property

Japanese industry data

Political events

Gold prices, crude oil, coal and natural gas

Carry Trading possession of Commerce and the Japanese yen (invalid Islamic account):


Japanese Yen of the most world currencies is attractive to traders acquisition who profit from the difference in interest rate in the countries of the world where the famous Japan low interest levied on loans who shall dealer acquisition by taking a loan from the Japan Japanese yen without paying interest (0.0% for the beginning of 2015) because Japan wants that the people using its currency and then the dealer acquisitions put this money in the state pay interest to put the money out (such as Australia, for example, interest rate 2.25% for the beginning of 2015), which states want to enter the money to them and once you open such a deal wins dealer acquisition without relationship change prices as it does not pay interest on the yen versus getting caught while interest versus buy the Australian dollar. Such a deal is a deal to buy AUD / JPY process does not actually need to go to Japan or Australia for-profit possession of Commerce.


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